Food Swapping in Pittsburgh

Give-and-Take has been laying low in Pittsburgh during 2012. We’ve been out in the Bay Area sleuthing for new ideas around collaboration and resource sharing. One of our new favorite local socials is food swapping. We were lucky enough to score a seat at SF Swappers seasonal food swap and are sharing that process back to the Pittsburgh area.

Clothing socials haven’t disappeared but while we’re away, we’re happy to promote  PGH Food Swap, a first dip into food swapping in the ‘Burgh. There are still a few seats left, so check out the details and reserve a place if you’re interested in taking part.

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New Dream Community Action Kit

The Center for a New American Dream has recently published a “How To kit for sharing within one’s community. Give-and-Take was included in their “Organizing a Community Swap” section, illustrating some of the tactics for hosting local swaps. Check out there toolkit for ideas around lending, time-sharing and other forms of collaboration.

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Thank you Design for Social Innovation!

Thank you Constanza Miranda for the short profile on Give-and-Take’s effort to bring value to local communities by providing public services that take a collaborative approach to reuse. Check it out on Design for Social Innovation–a blog devoted to sharing ideas around the world for design and applied research that serves people first.

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Give-and-Take shout-out from Pittsburgh’s City Paper



A big thanks goes out to the Pittsburgh City Paper and Abby Mendelson for profiling Give-and-Take in their Last Word.  Abby did a great job of introducing the underlying values fueling our community-based project.

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Swapping Clothes for Fun, Creativity, and a New Economy

We were recently out in San Francisco and had a chance to cross paths with Sarah Brooks who is the Director of Social Innovation at Hot Studio. She’s also a writer with the online journal, Shareable. She wanted to understand how design methods and tools can be applied to  developing and building locally-based, informal economies. She was kind enough to write this article on Give-and-Take.

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This article was taken directly from Craft Magazine:
This weekend, the Proper Business Attire Working Group set out to level the playing field at OWS. They outfitted the public in suits- complete with custom tailoring and haircuts. They used hula hoops with curtains as private temporary changing rooms, had sewing machines at the ready, and documented the whole process. In the midst of a crowded park, they transformed more than 120 people to reflect the seriousness of their message.

Our very own Becky Stern volunteered her time to help tailor and Max Cohn documented the entire process.

“I’m all about freedom and personal expression, but as much as I wish it weren’t true- it’s easier to be taken seriously when dressed in a suit. The principle applies to public speaking, job interviews, and even at social events, like weddings. The way we dress reflects how we want to be perceived- and a suit helps establish the wearer as someone who wants to take care of business. When I wear my Pearl Jam t-shirt from 1993, I’m telling everyone how much I love Eddie Vedder. When I wear a blazer and a skirt with heels, I’m telling the world that I’m filled with purpose, and that I know what I’m talking about.”


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Thanks Pop City



Thanks Pop City for spending a few minutes with us to discuss Give-and-Take’s upcoming clothing social and to understand why we do what we do. Please check out Marty Levine’s brief article.

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