Recent Socials

Clothing Social in Braddock, PA, Oct 8-9, 2011
Thank you doesn’t do justice to the deep appreciation we have for everyone’s effort and pleasant attitude this weekend. We definitely view the clothing social as a success given the relaxed atmosphere; the creative energy at hand; and the over-all sense of satisfaction you all expressed. In the end we raised about $400 and circulated well over 500 items. With what remained we held onto a portion for future events and down-streamed the rest to the Wilkins School in Regent Square. They’re hosting a sustainability festival this weekend and plan to introduce swapping to their local community.

We’ll keep you informed about future events. Feel free to leave comments about what worked; what didn’t; or what you might like to see in the future. If you missed this event but want some details, check out our Upcoming Events page for an overview.

Best all,

First stop at the social--"The Donation Trough" where pre-loved clothes start their journey towards adoption. For every donation made, we say thanks by giving back to attendees. Overall, the social brought over a ton of clothes and a 100 people out to Braddock. Well done Pittsburgh!

Donations came and went faster than most of us could register their presence on the scene. No hoarding, no fighting, no drama--just two days of slow consideration as people went, piece by piece, through the bins, tables, troughs and racks to find that perfect item.

The weekend was filled with small shifts and tweaks to newly scored items. With the help of friends, family, and mentors, attendees pulled together stylish, fitted, one-of-a-kind items. We particularly like Sacha's penchant for gold lame that works nicely with A's cap.

Annie was our first visitor, dropping in to volunteer her tailoring skills. Between helping attendees she repurposed a few stow-aways from 1962. The results landed in Megan's hands. She got a little help from UnSmokes Systems' board member, Kim, as she stopped by to make a donation.

Yup, just a sampling of the texture madness that made up local donations. The ladies are rockin it. And a quick shout out to Annie O'Toole who made the green dress in about 30 minutes from the slip of a fairly bland mass produced item. Annie dropped in from McKeesport and used her talents as a couture tailor to breeze through the transformation. (Annie can be seen in pictures above repurposing a green polyester dress.)

We dedicated almost half the clothing social space to a mentored and self-service sewing station. Over the course of the weekend our mentors helped attendees mend and rethink clothes from the pile. Above right: Jeb gets some tips from Lindsey in the in-seam-mending department. Bottom left: One of our volunteers, Merce, challenges herself to re-envision a hoochie mama dress into a palatable, age-appropriate mini skirt. Bottom right: Katy gives pointers on the best stitch to use on cotton fabrics.


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