How it Works Give-and-Take adopts your pre-loved clothes and finds ways to get them into new hopeful hands. To do that involves a three-step process of collecting, organizing and distributing local clothing. Firstly, we collect in a couple of ways. You can either bring your things to one of local socials, which are held out in the community (see Upcoming Socials) or at our HQ (TBD). Or you can donate at one of our local drop-off points (TBD). In thanks, we’d like you to pick a few things for free from the collection.

Once you donate, we make sense of what we have and let you know about it. We want you to stay up-to-date about the ongoing collection. We do this by letting you know what’s been adopted; how the clothing is being repurposed; and most of all, how you can come out and take part.

Right now, we’re a six month pilot to see if and how we can grow into a sustainable community service. We’re experimenting with a few ways to make use of all your donated stuff:

  1. We use your clothes as source material at public socials such as hands-on workshops and bitch sessions.
  2. We host small-scale pop exchanges between you, me and everyone we know.
  3. We donate your clothing to people in real need.
  4. And finally, working we local talent, we use the collection to showcase ideas for repurposing and reconsidering everyday resources.

What We Adopt
Give-and-Take adopts clean, adult-sized clothing for all seasons.  A few rips and scratches show their way into most pre-loved clothing, but we ask that any obviously stained, soiled or torn up items stay out of your donation bag and get put aside for another cause.

It’s a shame, but we don’t take everything. We simply don’t have the room.
Here’s a list of what we DO NOT take:

  • underwear
  • uniforms
  • bathing suits
  • accessories (hats, jewelry, purses, ties, etc)
  • shoes–please PLEASE no shoes
  • infant, toddler, children’s wear
  • pajamas

Extra Stuff We Need
In addition to general adult clothing, we’re putting aside items for folks that are getting back on their feet or are in real need. Currently, we’re working with House of the Crossroads in the Hill District to get needed clothing to their residents. We don’t make any money off of this but simply create a direct line between people who have and people who need. The current wishlist includes:

  1. XXL men’s shirts (tshirts, long-sleeved, sweats)
  2. 40W+ men’s pants
  3. CC, DD+ bras
  4. black pants (men or women)
  5. socks, socks, socks

Where You Can Drop Off
TBD: please check back


2 Responses to Donating

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  2. AnneLouise Feeny says:

    I think your idea is fabulous! There’s always somebody with clothing and other items to give; they just need a way of reaching people who can use their stuff. helps make connections, but not everyone has a computer.

    And, I love the idea that you help people repair or alter clothes; that’s fantastic! I can’t get ready that fast for this weekend, but please let me know when you do this again.

    All the best,
    AnneLouise Feeny

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