Recently Adopted

We’ll be starting up a public clothing collection in the coming weeks followed by our next public exchange. In the meantime, please take a look through some of our recent adoptions. (You can always contact us through the site to find a way to donate your clothes to us whenever it’s convenient. You don’t have to wait for a public event to jump in.)

If anything below was donated by you, please give us any stories or details about the item in the comments section. And thanks Nina B and Alyssa P for your fine selection of wares!

September 2011 Sampler

A pre-requisite for anyone. The Hoodie. We have them. We want more. Size here: Men's Large.

Who doesn't love Carhart? Or what my family likes to call "Canvas Man Pants." In this case, it's the shirt we're looking at. Size: large. We have more.

We love men's clothing too! Here's a wanna-be guayaba shirt with brand new flannel 3 button pullover. Both in excellent condition sized for the large man

Perfect condition 100% cashmere sweater. Sorry, hibiscus not included. Size: Definitely small. Green dress too is available!

Alyssa's pride and joy. Mint condition blue ski vest. Oh and that 100% cotton striped hoodie underneath is also available. Both on the smallish side.

Hannah rocked it at the junkyard in this tailored wool vintage dress. Full bosomed; small waisted; wide hipped. If you've got all three this dress might be just for you.

Cotton green and white leaf blouse with tiny little button and little bows. Size: Smallish to Medium. Perfect condition. Alyssa, where did you get this? LA right?

When isn't it time for a 100% pink cotton scarf. 60" x 20" Makes us happy just looking at it.

Yes, everyone thinks it's the end of summer now that's school's back in session. But it's not. It's hot and you still need shorts. We have plenty. Men's mostly. Sizes 36-40.

Never a bad time for this lightweight cotton jacket with synchable collar. Excellent condition. Size: large

Stretchy, tie-in-the-back polyester shirt. Everyone seems to have some variety of this in their closet. Size: Large.

Knee Length Striped Socks: Maroon and orange cotton socks. One of many pair in the donation pile

Cozy and lightweight cotton jacket with front buttons. 3/4 quarter sleeved. Say yes to Fall. Size: Large


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